Monday, August 15, 2011

Artist Spotlight:


It's beautiful and educational!
"Harriet Rising"

Harriet Rising is a visual arts project with a performance component, created in collaboration between Lisa Tuttle, visual artist, and Alice Lovelace, poet/performer. 8 columns of Upper Alabama Street are now beginning to be covered in repeated images of Harriet Tubman with aligning poetry pieces by Alice Lovelace. Harriet Rising covers the Civil War to Civil Rights, bringing renewed attention to Harriet Tubman’s historical importance while drawing parallels between Underground Atlanta and the Underground Railroad. It also lifts the visibility of courageous women and organizations working today for human rights, particularly those working on behalf of minorities and women. Using imagery, text and amplified by poetry performance, Harriet Rising is a dynamic visual, poetic, and educational experience to visitors and locals walking along Upper Alabama Street.  More views can be seen here and here and here.

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